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Debra Neil-Fisher
Director / Editor

Debra Neil-Fisher, HTBYSIL’s director and editor, is a highly accomplished, award-winning motion picture editor, whose films have grossed close to two billion dollars worldwide.  Debra has also received the coveted ACE Eddie Award for Best Edited Feature Film (Comedy or Musical) for 'The Hangover' movie.


Most recently, Debra collaborated with Sacha Baron Cohen on the film 'The Brothers Grimsby'. Her vast library of work includes editing some of the most successful comedies of all time including: Seth McFarlane’s 'Ted' 1 & 2; all three of Todd Phillips’ 'Hangover' films; Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s 'Baby Mama'; and Mike Myers’ 'Austin Powers' 1 & 2.  She also edited the romantic comedies 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days' and 'Fried Green Tomatoes', among other blockbusters.  Debra very much enjoyed directing HTBYSIL and is currently in development on other projects . 

Debra's IMDb Profile Page

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