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Did you know that there is a National Calendar that celebrates all kinds of special days including: National Tartar Sauce Day, National Grammar Day, National Pound Cake Day, and even National Hangover Day (yup, it's on January 1st)? Even dolls get their own day - National Barbie Day and a National Ken Day.
So, when Melissa and Michelle realized that there wasn't a National Sister-in-Law Day, they knew it was not only their destiny, but their duty to make this one-of-a-kind relationship a day to celebrate! So let's get ready to raise our glass and rejoice the good, the bad and the ugly that makes being a SIL worthy of its own national day.
National Sister-in-Law Day
Follow Melissa and Michelle's journey as they campaign to get National Sister-in-Law Day an official "National Day" and on the
National Calendar Registry.
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National Sister-in-Law Campaign
SIL Selfies
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