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Julie Vogel
Custom Designer

Born & raised in Los Angeles, Julie developed a love of fashion, art and the great outdoors. Her early influences were her grandmothers. From her mother's side she learned to do needle crafts, sew, sculpt and garden. Her father's mother (who owned a men's haberdashery shop on Wilshire blvd.) often took her window shopping at Bullocks Wilshire. On those trips she absorbed endless fashion shows in the tea room atop the most gorgeous building in LA. The amazing hats and fashions of the 1960s and 1970s left lasting impressions on her.


Many weekends of her youth were spent bagging peaks in the local mountains and the Sierra Nevada. At the age of 10 she and her family entered Sierra Club history by being the first family to climb 100 peaks as a unit. Time spent in the Sierras gave her a love of nature and an organic appreciation of color and textures.


After high school she moved to San Francisco to attend art school. She became immersed in the performance art and music scene. Punk rock and indie art bands were a huge influence on her creativity, avant garde style and sensibilities. After moving back to Los Angeles in 1986 styling became a natural progression of her talents. At 24, through luck and hard work she began her career creating costumes for musicians, celebrities, editorials, videos, indie films and hundreds of commercials. Her forte is developing characters through an insight into unique personalities. She is a seamstress and a builder.


Parallel to her costume design career she hiked the John Muir trail solo and traveled to Ecuador climbing 15 peaks and volcanos reaching heights of 20,000 feet. During her mountain adventures out of necessity she designed a variety of sports bras and outdoor clothing. Her line of climbing and yoga clothes was purchased by Patagonia.


In 2011 she moved to NYC and started a bicoastal career. She has worked internationally traveling to Italy, Greece, Dubrovnik and the Caribbean. 


She works on the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" campaigns. The creativity and diversity of these projects has thrived through out the past seven years. while the interesting man is a perfect combo of Cary Grant and James Bond, the other characters are a mix of glamorous women, indigenous people, athletes and royalty. The commercials travel around the world without ever actually leaving Los Angeles. They span many decades from the 1940s up to the current day. The Dos Equis campaign has lead to three Costume Designer Awards nominations "For Excellence in Commercial Costume Design" in 2010, 2011, and 2012.


A team player, Julie employs her vast experience to create memorable characters and designs for each project. she has always enjoyed collaboration, research and development with directors and production designers. 

Julie currently resides in Los Angeles with her dogs Jackie and Leroy. 


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