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Savannah Beattie

Savannah loves to paint, play dress up, play with makeup and hair, sing and play guitar with her grandad. She loves visiting the Discovery Cube and going inside a machine that makes her hair blow all over the place. She also loves Disneyland and is finally able to go on the Indiana Jones ride (she closed her eyes half of the time because she liked some of it but some of it scared her).

She loves to eat salami and Goldfish crackers and has a serious chocolate milk Starbucks addiction. Savannah likes acting because every day she can pretend to be something different, like a ballerina or a bad guy. She loved filming HTBYSIL because the girls were all so nice to her and she got to pretend cry on the playground (and the tears felt like raindrops on her face). When she grows up, she wants to be an actress or maybe a police officer or maybe a police officer on TV. She lives with her parents and older brother and a few fish. Savannah is represented by Osbrink Talent Agency and Double 19 Productions & Management.


Savannah's IMDb Profile Page

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