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Are You Team Melissa or Team Michelle?

As you know, we are truly overwhelmed and grateful to you for donating, spreading the word and showing us the love. And, thanks to you, now that we’ve hit our goal of $15,000 - Drunk Kickstarter is officially on! And for realz!!!

So, whether you’re Team Melissa or Team Michelle - you will get to submit your questions for the loser to answer. We can’t wait to see your questions and which sister-in-law has to answer them… drunk!

So you might be thinking - What’s next?

Well, when you have 4 passionate female filmmakers with a passion project + a goal met… You reach for your STRETCH GOAL! What’s ours? $22,000! Which means… By hitting our stretch goal, we will be able to film episodes we originally didn’t think we’d be able to shoot until Season 2.

And YES – when we reach our stretch goal, everyone who donated to our campaign (which includes you!), will get an awesome reward - an exclusive behind the scenes bloopers video!

THANK YOU so much for being part of this incredible journey to help make our web series, HOW TO BEAT YOUR SISTER-IN-LAW (at everything) a reality!

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