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Exclusive peek at HTBYSIL trailer and more news!

Hello HTBYSIL Family!

We are so excited to share with you a sneak peek of our HTBYSIL trailer! Click the photo below to watch. And feel free to share the HTBYSIL goodness!

Along with creating the trailer, the HTBYSIL team has been busy on the post production of the series. We're on the verge of locking all 12 of our season one episodes! Next week is our spotting session, which means, with the help of an expert sound designer, we will find all the sound flaws and then she magically fixes them. After that, it's on to ADR and foley - basically, rerecording any dialogue that might not be clear as well as creating and incorporating various sound elements - everything from footsteps to party "walla" (folks having fun at a party!) that will add richness to the storytelling.

Then there's the HTBYSIL reunion of Melissa and Suzy Nakamura tonight on ABC's Dr. Ken! So, if you want to keep your finger on the HTBYSIL pulse - please check out (and like) our Facebook page - we'll be adding lots of updates and fun behind the scenes tidbits as we head towards our Season One launch. You don't want to miss out on any of the inside scoop.

Finally, for those of you curious about your HTBYSIL swag, here's an exciting update! Before ordering anything, we wanted to make sure the HTBYSIL logo was spot on. And thanks to the brilliantly creative 'Graphic Guru' Bryan Pitcher... it IS!

So, now that we have it, (and LOVE IT) the HTBYSIL team is working with a specialty company to source all the hats, bottles and t-shirts! We'll let you know as soon as they're read to go.

As always, thank you again for all your love and support.

The HTBYSIL team, Melissa, Michelle, Susan & Sydnie

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